A large number of farmers remain without power this evening (October 17). Those without access to generators face a very difficult situation with herds now requiring milking urgently.

Glanbia is urging those with suitable mobile generators, available for use, to contact their local Glanbia Ireland representative immediately. The full list of farm development managers and their contact details are available on: www.glanbiaconnect.com.

According to Glanbia, the worst-affected regions are Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork and Tipperary but issues are not confined to these areas.

Earlier this afternoon, the number of seriously-affected Glanbia farms was estimated at approximately 500.

Glanbia says that it is working with its suppliers, collecting milk as frequently as possible where access is safe. In some of the worst-affected areas, access to some farms is still not possible – due to the presence of fallen trees with attached power cables.

Glanbia Ireland chairman Henry Corbally said: “There is a severe shortage of suitable generators available. I would urge farmers in areas that have not been adversely affected by storm Ophelia to consider making suitable mobile generators available to dairy farmers in affected regions.”

Corbally praised the efforts of Glanbia Ireland staff and milk hauliers who were out before and after the storm, to “ensure the maximum number of farms were promptly collected”.

Bank of Ireland loan fund

In other unfolding news related to storm Ophelia, a €50 million loan fund has been set up by Bank of Ireland, as part of a range of measures it has put in place to help those affected by the ex-hurricane.

It is hoped that this loan fund will facilitate emergency working capital for businesses and homeowners to repair properties damaged during the storm.