An auction of tractors and other equipment took place on Tuesday, December 10, at Augers Farm, Methwold, Norfolk.

The sale was conducted by Brown & Co.

In this report, we focus on some of the tractors, along with a telescopic handler and a self-propelled sprayer. In an accompanying article, we detail how the Claas equipment fared.

Tim Scrivener was at the auction for AgriLand to take these photographs and to note the prices. All of the pictures in this report are from the auction itself.

There was no ‘buyer’s premium/commission’.

Some (hammer/sale) prices were subject to VAT at the local rate (i.e. VAT must be added to some of the prices below). The VAT status of each lot is specified in the accompanying description.

Any statement of recorded hours may simply be a reflection of what was visible on the machine’s odometer or, if that wasn’t available, what was claimed in the auction catalogue.

The status (sold/unsold) of the lots detailed below is based on what we observed on the day; this was later confirmed by the auctioneers.

This 2008 McCormick MTX135 (pictured below) was described as follows: suspension; three manual spools; front linkage; Michelin 18.4R38 rear and Firestone 380/85R28 front wheels/tyres; 3,959 hours. It sold for £24,000 (plus VAT).

This 2005 McCormick MC115 (pictured below) was described as follows: three manual spools; air-conditioning; front wafer weights; Michelin 16.9R38 rear and 13.6R28 front wheels/tyres; 4,230 hours. It sold for £14,700 (plus VAT).

This 2010 New Holland T6080 (pictured below) was described as follows: Power Command; 40kph; four spool valves; 420/85R26 front and 520/85R38 rear wheels/tyres; 9,040 hours. It sold for £22,200 (plus VAT).

This Ford 2000 (pictured below) was described as follows: front loader; hours unknown. It failed to sell.

This 2002 Merlo TurboFarmer P28.7KT (pictured below) was described as follows: pallet forks/tines; rear hitch; 3,927 hours. It sold for £15,000 (plus VAT).

This 1996 Bateman Hi-Lo (pictured below) was described as follows: 24m-wide boom; Agrimax 270/95R36 wheels/tyres; 9,495 hours. It sold for £3,500 (plus VAT).