Aurivo increases September milk price

Aurivo has increased its milk price for September supplies by 1.25c/L, bringing the base milk price for suppliers to 25.75c/L.

Aurivo follows Kerry Group and Arrabawn Co-op in raising its September milk price.

Kerry suppliers will receive a 1c/L rise in milk price bringing the September price to 26c/L. Last week, Arrabawn Co-op suppliers also received notification that the co-op would be increasing its milk price by 1c/L.

A spokesperson for the co-op also said that it will continue with price support of 0.5c/L for September milk bringing the milk price to 26.7c/L.

Meanwhile, Glanbia increased its milk price for members to 26c/L for September milk supplies, which includes a 1c/L milk price support from the co-op.

Last month, Glanbia member suppliers received 25c/L for August supplies, which included a 2c/L Glanbia Co-operative Society support payment.

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland will pay 25c/L, an increase of 2c/L including VAT, for September milk, with a 1c/L of milk price support from Glanbia Co-operative to its members.

Lakeland Dairies also announced that it is to increase its milk price for September supplies by 1c/L. Member suppliers will receive 26c/L for September milk.

The rises in September milk price come following a third consecutive rise in the Ornua Purchase Price Index (PPI).

The Ornua PPI rose to 92.2 points for September and is the equivalent of 26.6c/L, VAT inclusive and is based on Ornua’s product purchase mix and assumed costs of 6.5c/L.