The National Farmer’s Union (NFU) has postponed this year’s Back British Farming Day as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth II following her death on Thursday (September 8).

The annual day was due to take place on Wednesday (September 14), however this is now being revised. A new date has yet to be announced.

This September will see the seventh annual Back British Farming Day take place.

On the day, the NFU asks MPs to wear its wheatsheaf lapel pin badge as a sign of their support for British farming.

Past Prime Ministers, leaders of the opposition and senior politicians have worn them during debates and Prime Minister’s Questions.

Back British Farming Day

The NFU’s Back British Farming campaign aims to unite farmers and growers with the food sector and the general public to bring about positive changes for the industry.

Campaign supporters and members of the Union strive to alert politicians and decision makers about the importance of British food and farming to the nation’s environment, economy and well-being.

NFU president Minette Batters said that the purpose of the campaign is to celebrate British food and farming and to remind the government of its importance.

“A successful farming future rests on how the government shapes trade deals with countries around the world and supports farming in the coming months and years ahead,” she said.

Every year on the day, the NFU releases a substantial amount of content through broadcast, print press and social media outlets to celebrate British farming.

It also selects and shares some of the 3,000 photos it receives from members of the public as part of its ‘Best of British Farming photo’ competition.

The NFU encourages farmers and growers to join social media to post and educate about the work they do and why they’re proud to produce food for the nation.