Bayer and Kimitec have announced a new strategic partnership to accelerate the development and commercialisation of biological crop protection solutions and biostimulants.

As part of a global agreement, both companies will become key partners to advance and establish biological solutions derived from natural sources; crop protection products that address pests, diseases and weeds, as well as biostimulants to promote plant growth.

Kimitec operates the MAAVi Innovation Center, Europe’s largest biotechnological innovation hub.

It has 15 years of experience in the research and discovery of natural molecules and compounds for agriculture and food sectors, to provide farmers and growers with natural agricultural products.

Bayer links up with Kimitec

The aim of the collaboration is to accelerate biological product development to build integrated crop management solutions that can scale and develop through Bayer’s global infrastructure.

This includes field testing, product support and commercialisation.

Dr. Robert Reiter, head of research and development (R&D) for Bayer’s Crop Science division said: “Bayer is committed to providing growers with the benefits of biological solutions as part of an integrated crop management system backed by our leading traits, crop protection products and digital tools.

“Every farmer can benefit from biologicals, from seed treatment to pest control, and Bayer will be bringing together systems of solutions to provide more value by providing farmers greater flexibility.”

Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center will provide its expertise and disruptive technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) as an enabler of faster time-to-results.

Benoit Hartmann, head of biologics for Bayer’s Crop Science division added: “Our work with Kimitec offers a unique accelerated path to innovative biological solutions that will help us deliver on our shared vision for a new generation of effective, safe, and sustainable solutions derived from nature.

“Being able to partner with Kimitec is exactly how Bayer is going to leverage the open innovation ecosystem to work with our different strategic partners and bring the next generation of biologicals to growers.”

Crop protection

The biologicals market is expected to grow to nearly €25 billion by 2028, as consumers’ demand for low- and no-residue food products, and retailer food sourcing standards drive growers to look for new innovations in crop protection, according to Bayer.

Since 2007, Kimitec has been developing biologicals that provide alternatives and complementary options to synthetic crop protection.

Félix García, chief executive officer for Kimitec said: “15 years ago, Kimitec had a clear vision to change the way food was produced.

“Our agreement with Bayer will help us get closer than ever to materialising our vision as it allows us to expand our global footprint and bringing our technology to millions of growers for the first time.

“As a world leader in biological solutions R&D and manufacturing, Kimitec delivers natural and sustainable solutions without a compromise in efficacy or productivity to the farmer.”