With lead times for new machinery often extending into the far distance, Bobcat is aiming to ease the wait by offering good quality second-hand machines with many of the advantages of buying new, but at a friendlier price and immediate availability.

The company has launched what it calls the ‘Bobcat Certified’ scheme, the company’s new ‘pre-owned programme’ that aims to endorse second-hand machines as being as fit for service as new units.

Ireland and UK the first to benefit

The new scheme has been launched first in the UK and Ireland, France and Germany, with eligible machines being available from Bobcat-authorised dealers in these countries.

It is anticipated that other countries will be added during the course of 2022, starting with Italy, Spain and Sweden.

The new programme ensures customers are offered top class pre-owned machines backed by up-to-date condition, safety and operational checks, carried out and certified by Bobcat dealers.

Clean and reliable machines

It is intended that the Bobcat Certified scheme will deliver machines of good quality and reliability, thus providing customers with a ‘like new’ experience.

It is also intended to demonstrate Bobcat’s commitment to realising a strong residual value over the entire Bobcat range.

Bobcat certified machines
All Bobcat-certified machines will be marked as such

To enter the scheme, machines have to meet a series of pre-set criteria before they may be considered suitable.

They are then inspected, and if deemed appropriate for the programme, they are then updated to adhere to Bobcat’s latest quality and safety standards.

Bobcat parts and upgrades

Each certified machine undergoes a rigorous two-step inspection process before being given the latest service schedule using genuine parts.

All necessary software upgrades are made and a 12-month/1000-hour manufacturer’s warranty is given as standard.

The company’s finance plans are also available for the purchase of certified machines.

The company claims that customers buying a Bobcat Certified machine will be purchasing the next best thing to a brand new model while making a substantial saving over buying new.