The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) Early Career Council (ECC), made up of early career animal scientist across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, has recently launched the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

The aim of the KTP is to establish a relationship with young farmers' organisations, to provide young farmers with the most up-to-date scientific data across multiple aspects of animal science and provide BSAS members with an opportunity to gain industry relevant experience.

Speaking about the KTP, ECC member and Teagasc Walsh Scholar PhD student Paul Smith said: “The KTP offers a mutually beneficial collaboration for all involved. Through the KTP, young farmer organisations will be granted access to the most up to date scientific information delivered by some of the UK and Ireland’s top early career animal scientists.

For our early career members in BSAS, the partnership offers an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable industry experience. It is a win-win for all involved.”

Lucy Ross, former ECC co-chair and PhD student at University of Nottingham, also said that: "This is a really exciting launch for the ECC at BSAS to establish its own relationships with industry.

"The opportunity for our early career members to present to an industry audience and be involved in their discussions is extremely useful. As well as receiving recent science updates, it offers younger members of farming organisations a chance to speak to the ECC about their role in animal science and gain an insight into animal science as a career," she concluded.