Care boxes sent as tribute to farmers who are keeping people fed during Covid

Care boxes packed with goodies have been sent to hard-working farmers across North and Mid Wales to thank them for keeping the country fed and nourished throughout the pandemic crisis.

More than 100 St David’s Day gifts have been sent out by kind-hearted South Caernarfon Creameries (SCC) based in Chwilog in Gwynedd as a surprise gesture to recognise the farming community’s vital role.

Each box included a Beanie hat, a container of hand sanitiser, a face mask, a travel mug, an umbrella, top grade Dragon cheese, a footpath sign to remind passing walkers to thank their local farmers for all they do, a selection of delicious recipes, and a postcard inscribed with a message of gratitude.

Managers at SCC wanted to pay a special tribute to the dedication of their farmer members who they consider are the pride of Wales for having continued to churn out quality dairy products non-stop despite the unprecedented challenges of the last 12 months.

A token of gratitude to farmers

SCC Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Megi Williams said she and her team are hugely proud to be able to deliver a token of gratitude to the farmers who have worked all hours to keep the SCC dairy production line rolling.

She said: “St David’s Day is the most important celebratory day of the calendar in Wales and we always try to mark it with a special event.

Last year we sent out goodie packs including our famous Dragon-brand cheeses to an array of social media influencers and celebrities. We’re pleased to say it generated some really positive feedback from them.

“But this year, given all the challenges and difficult circumstances our indefatigable farmers have faced, we wanted to do something much closer to home,” she added.

“When it came to brainstorming ideas, we were in no doubt that the most important thank you should go to all our farmer members who have worked night and day to keep the milk flowing and the creameries running.

“These are our key workers for sure, people who have gone above and beyond to look after their livestock and the ongoing welfare of their customers.

Farmers have literally kept this country fed and nourished, they have maintained vital supplies to keep our supermarkets and local shops stocked with essentials, and in very many cases they have put the welfare of others before themselves.

“They are at the core of everything we do here at SCC and that’s the reason why we wanted to send a surprise thank you box to each and every one of them,” she concluded.