There was a good trade in the cattle marts last week, finished and forward cattle are continuing to meet with a strong trade with some lots making up to a tops of a €900 over.

There was a bigger number of cattle on offer in Mountbellew Mart on Friday last, according to the Mart Manager Marianne Higgins.

According to Higgins, there was an excellent trade for all lots with farmers very active around the ring.

There was also a good trade for steers with lots ranging from 400-550kg sold for €2.11-2.52/kg, there was also a similar trade recorded for their counterpart heifers with these lots trading for €1.98-2.30/kg.

According to Higgins, there was a large number of weanlings on offer in the Galway venue, the hammer fell on the bull weanling lots from €500-800 over while the heifers sold from €450-750 over.

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There was an excellent trade of cattle in Macroom Mart on Saturday last, according to the Mart Manager John O’Mahony.

According to O’Mahony, increased numbers of cattle were on offer, but these additional cattle met with a great trade across all classes.

The early maturing type steers generally sold from €200-585 over said O’Mahony, while the better quality continental lots traded from €230-775 over.

The heifers in the Cork venue also met with a strong trade and these lots sold from €250-740 over.

The weanlings on offer also met with good demand with these lots trading from €250-735 and €250-610 over for bulls and heifers respectively.

There were 1,000 cattle on offer in Balla Mart on Saturday, according to the Mart Manager Michael Murphy.

According to Murphy, the cattle that passed through the ring in the Mayo venue where €118 dearer than this time last year.

The trade for steers had also increased on previous weeks and these lots were up €40/head, said Murphy.

Store steers sold from €1.92-2.90/kg or €600-950 over, while the heavier steers were also in great demand. The hammer fell on these lots at €1.42-2.99/kg.

There was also a good selection of heifers on offer and the store lots made €600-985 over or €1.67-3.45/kg.

According to Murphy, the heavy heifers were well improved on the previous week, with these lots selling from €1.86-2.80/kg.

Cull cows in the Mayo venue were also in good demand with these lots making from €1.23-2.52/kg.

Carnew Mart held a clearance sale of a top quality suckler herd on Saturday last, according to the Mart Manager.

According to David Quinn, these animals met with a good trade with incalf cows making up to €1,700 and cows with calves making up to €2,050.

There was also a further 1,050 cattle on offer, with a particularly strong trade for quality forward steers and heifers.

According to Quinn, beef and forward steers sold from €750-1,050 over while the store lots sold from €550-850 over, there was also a good demand for Friesian bulls and these lots made from €250-700 over.

The mart manager added that there was a strong trade for forward heifers, these lots made €600-910 over, while the hammer fell on the lighter lots from €450-850, dry cows also traded well and these lots made €400-1,000 over.