Claydon, the UK crop cultivation equipment manufacturer, has recently announced its plans for the upcoming LAMMA show in January.

Claydon says it will be displaying the latest additions to its range including the new 3.0m wide Claydon Fertiliser Hybrid drill and the 12.3m wide Claydon Rolls.

According to the company, these new products have been added to meet customer demand and are designed to complement the rest of the Claydon range and enable users to cost effectively achieve the best possible crop establishment.

Claydon’s new fertiliser placement system incorporates both the new 3.0m Claydon Fertiliser Hybrid drill that features a new split hopper design, plus the front-mounted 1500kg capacity hopper and the liquid fertiliser tank for larger 4.0m, 4.8m and 6m Hybrid drills.

It says it has seen a considerable increase in demand for technology that enables fertiliser to be accurately placed with the seed whilst drilling. Claydon claims this works particularly well with its system where only the soil immediately around the seeding zone is moved, leaving the rest of the soil undisturbed.

It says being able to accurately place the fertiliser where it is needed alongside the seed, this ensures that the optimum nutrient is available to the young seedling for improved use and there is also the opportunity to reduce cost because fertiliser is only applied where necessary, rather than being applied to the 50 per cent of undisturbed soil between each seed row.

Claydon’s new 3.0m Fertiliser Hybrid drill also features a split hopper that is mounted further forward on the drill for improved stability. The capacity of the drill is 750kg of seed and 750kg of fertiliser, fed through two metering units so that variable application rates can be applied. The fertiliser rate is set and controlled using the drill’s RDS Artemis Electronic control system, so no separate control box is required.

Claydon’s 12.3m roll will also be on show in its LAMMA stand. According to Claydon, these new rolls provide an important part of the overall Claydon Drilling System, by enabling the thorough consolidation of the soil within the seeding zone to ensure optimum soil to seed contact, moisture retention and a reduction in slug activity.

The new rolls comprise of five 2.5m wide sections that fold down horizontally to just 2.85m for transport. Each roller unit is fitted with 24 inch breaker rings with a working weight of 682kg/metre to provide optimum consolidation.

Claydon says it has incorporated into the frame a load transfer system to ensure that weight is evenly distributed across the full working width of the roller for an even, uniform finish.

According to the company, the power requirement for the rolls is a minimum of 100 horsepower; working at 6kph the Claydon rolls are capable of covering around 6.6ha/hour. The standard specification also includes full road lighting and hydraulic braking.