Clipex Fencing Europe & UK recently visited Boyington Court Farm in Dover to award the winner of its recent competition, Marie Prebble with the “versatile” ‘All in One Sheep Handler’.

Prebble, a “record-setting” sheep-shearer and farmer, had the choice between the All in One Sheep Handler and the ‘HD 1500 Series Cattle Crush’, both equipped with weighing systems and EID readers.

She said that the handler will make her routine work “more efficiently” and it will enable her to better record the performance of their flock.

The “record-setting” sheep shearer added that she will use the handler for crutching, dosing, weighing and sorting the sheep.

The presentation ceremony was attended by key figures from Clipex Fencing, including founder Ashley Olsson, and directors Kevin Lernihan and Raymond Bryk.

Clipex remains committed to providing “affordable” engineered solutions to rural families, amidst the the increasing market demand for sustainable and efficient farming methods.

Clipex All in One Sheep Handler Image source: Clipex

The All in One Sheep Handler aims to be the “pinnacle” of sheep handling, with the Clipex team stating it is designed to streamline operations and improve productivity.

The sheep handler has features such as pre-catch gates and anti-backing technology, which makes it an “indispensable asset” for modern farming practices.

Features of the Clipex All in One Sheep Handler:  

  • Draft up to 800 Sheep an hour;
  • Capable of handling up to 400 sheep/hour;
  • ‘Patented performance’ features for enhanced safety and ease of use;
  • Mobile design for productivity and flexibility;
  • Covered under the FETF 72 grant in 2024, making it an accessible investment for farmers.

Clipex Fencing has earned global recognition due to its commitment to “innovation and customer-centric” solutions.

With headquarters in Ireland and regional representatives throughout Europe & UK, Clipex products are distributed to all six continents, “catering to the needs” of farmers worldwide.