The Met Office has warned that central and southern England will experience cold weather from 6:00p.m tomorrow (Thursday, January 13) to 9:00a.m on Monday (January 17).

In particular, the West Midlands, East Midlands, east of England, London, southeast England and southwest England regions will experience this cold spell.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Rudman said:

Temperatures in central and southern England are expected to trend downwards from Thursday, with overnight minimum temperatures possibly getting to 4° in some rural areas, but widespread below-freezing conditions elsewhere overnight in the following days.

“This will result in some harsh frosts and possible freezing fog in some places.

“Temperatures will stay subdued through the next few days from Thursday in the alerted areas, with highs likely to remain in the mid-to-low single figures through the weekend, especially in places where any fog or low cloud lingers throughout the day.”

In light of the forecast, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is encouraging people to stay warm and look out for those most at risk.

“As we continue to experience very low temperatures this winter it’s important to remember to check on those who are more vulnerable to cold weather, such as elderly or frail friends and family, especially if they live alone or with a serious illness,” said Agostinho Sousa, consultant in public health medicine at UKHSA.

Agriland is reminding farmers and animal owners to take any necessary precautions to keep farms, livestock and animals warm and protected.