The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in Northern Ireland has published brucellosis compensation rates for May 2023.

The compensation payable, for reactors and negative in contacts for which notice of intended slaughter is issued in May 2023 will be either:

  • 75% of the animal’s market value; or
  • 75% of £2,268 (75% of £2,568 in the case of pedigree animals)

The selected measure will come down to whichever figure is the lesser, according to DAERA.

DAERA compensates herdkeepers when animals are compulsorily removed under the Brucellosis Control Order (Northern Ireland) 2004.

Last month’s compensation rates were announced on April 3 and were either 75% of the animal’s market value or 75% of £2,276 (75% of £2,576 in the case of pedigree animals).

Single applications

DAERA has also urged farmers to apply now for their single applications before penalties are applied.

The closing date for submissions is midnight on Monday, May 15, 2023. After that, DAERA warned, financial penalties will be applied.

The department said that more than 15,000 farmers have submitted their single applications so far, meaning around 9,500 still need to make their claim.

DAERA urged farmers to ensure they allow adequate time to check all their information is correct.

The single application must be used to claim farm payments under any of the following schemes: 

  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS);
  • Young Farmers’ Payment (YFP);
  • Regional Reserve Entitlement allocation or top up (as a young farmer or new entrant);
  • Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS);
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (FWPS);
  • Farm Woodland Scheme (FWS);
  • Forest Expansion Scheme (Annual Premia);
  • Small Woodland Grant Scheme (SWGS);
  • Protein Crops Scheme.