The winner of this year’s National Milk Records (NMR) Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) Gold Cup at Dairy-Tech, Bisterne Farms will host the open day on Wednesday, May 22.

Bisterne Farms will be showcasing how their, low-input, grass-based, cross-bred herd took the win, highlighting how their performance resulted in them being victorious.

Industry experts who have contributed to the farm’s success will also speak at the event in a series of talk stations situated around the farm.

They will explain how contract farmer, George Brown and his team enabled the herd to produce 3,730L of milk from forage.

They also will highlight the “finer” details when it comes to daily practice, looking at how these decisions resulted in the business becoming a “premier” herd.

Speaking ahead of the event, George Brown said:

“The whole team are looking forward to hosting the open day and we are delighted to be supported by The Andersons Centre, LIC and, Synergy Farm Health”.

He added that he hopes the attendees get a better understanding of their business structure and insights into the principles that “drive” their dairy business.

Speaking at the Gold Cup open day, The Andersons Centre, LIC and Synergy Farm Health will repeat their sessions to visitors giving everyone an opportunity to listen.

The Andersons Centre will explain how the mechanics of the farm’s contract farming agreement work and the benefits that have come with it.

They will also look at the business’ financial performance and its use of benchmarking.

Specialists LIC, will discuss the grazing system in place and look into the details of the farm’s breeding, including the benefits of block calving and the importance of using the right genetics for the system.

Synergy Farm Vets will discuss the topic of young stock – feed rates, colostrum and disease progress, alongside some general stats and figures surrounding the cows.

The event is free to attend but pre-registration is essential and can be done on the RABDF website.