Dairy processors slammed for missing summer marketing opportunities

A farm lobby group has accused the dairy processors of “missing a trick” when it comes to milk marketing over the summer.

Farmers For Action’s Northern Ireland branch has questioned why UK dairy processors have not made use of the hot summer to promote the thirst-quenching benefits of milk.

“The UK and Ireland’s dairy farmers need to ask their milk buying co-ops some very urgent direct questions,” a spokesman for Farmers For Action’s Northern Ireland Steering Committee said.

Marketing opportunities

“Why has not one co-op seen to it that Dairy UK or co-ops themselves not made use of a long hot summer to massively advertise the advantages of drinking milk instead of water, Coca-Cola or soft drinks, alcohol or beer to stay cool?

They have missed the key message that milk will quench a person’s thirst in 30 minutes opposed to the other drinks taking two hours.

“Milk, as almost everyone knows, is full of calcium that particularly children need to grow strong teeth and bones and not forgetting it is a food.

“In short, the great message is, all you need to stay cool is a glass of milk and a white hat to the get the Duracell effect on a hot day and you will have all the resilience you need to see you through.

“The opportunity to put milk and milk products right up at the top of the advertising agenda and on the map has been substituted for a deafening silence from the people who trumpet their great deeds to their farmer members in every way at their co-op AGMs.”