Dairygold has updated its corporate logo, replacing the existing logo first introduced over 25 years ago, when neighbouring co-ops in Ballyclough and Mitchelstown merged to establish Dairygold in 1990.

The new logo is not part of a major rebranding exercise, but merely an update of what is already a strong and valued brand, according to, Dairygold CEO Jim Woulfe.

"After 26 years the visual presentation of the Dairygold brand needed modernisation but more fundamentally there was a real requirement for one clear identity and vision across the society.

"The Dairygold business is wide ranging and had produced a variety of related identities from Dairygold Food Ingredients to Co-Op Superstores," Woulfe said.

All of these strands to our business needed to be brought under one clear identity. We want our local farmer customers to see the same name and logo as an ingredients buyer in the Middle East.

[caption id="attachment_134324" align="aligncenter" width="400"]New Dairygold logo New Dairygold logo[/caption]

"Dairygold has invested to reap the growth opportunities that post quota dairying offers. We have developed state of the art milk processing facilities, implemented modern work processes and enhanced our people capability," the Dairygold CEO said.

The company's marketing and sales strategy is equally important and critical to achieving the firms long-term goals, according to Woulfe.

The development of one clear vision and unambiguous statement about the Dairygold brand will serve as a reminder to our employees, our shareholders and most importantly our customers, about what makes us unique.

"The process has resulted in an updated visual identity for the society and a clearer definition of the unique selling proposition associated with the Dairygold brand.

"We source our natural raw materials from local fertile lands farmed by generations of our shareholders, it demonstrates the provenance of the Dairygold standard," the Dairygold CEO said.

The roll-out of Dairygold's new identity, including the replacement of physical logos, will be updated gradually in line with the companies usual replacement schedule, Woulfe said.