Dan Kelly’s Cider to quench German thirst

Dan Kelly’s Cider – which is produced by Boyne Grove Fruit Farm in Northern Ireland – is now hitting the shelves in Germany.

Access 6, a pioneering export programme, funded by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Programme, is assisting SMEs in the border regions of Ireland, Northern Ireland, West Coast of Scotland to enter the German market.

Dan Kelly’s Cider which is made from apples harvested in Boyne Grove Fruit Farm, a family farm in the Boyne Valley, is one of the companies that has obtained listings in Germany.

It has received one-to-one mentoring and business development support. By working with a German food marketing specialist it has had access to specific guidance and advice on the local drinks market.

The company has obtained invaluable insights enabling them to fine-tune their export strategy based on the findings. Key learnings were gained on product adaption for local markets, packaging design and the most appropriate distribution channels.

This has enabled both Dan Kelly’s Cider and Islay Ales, a craft brewery from the Scottish region also on the Access 6 programme, to get listings with Manufactum in Germany.

Manufactum is a prestigious German retailer specialising in high quality consumer goods/household articles with an emphasis on handmade items.