Diesel dilemma: Driver ‘obviously thought he was driving a tractor’

A driver found himself “in the red” with local authorities last week in Co. Tyrone following the discovery of a string of road offences and a car described as being in a “dangerous condition”.

Taking to social media, members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) based in Co. Tyrone outlined what occurred when they stopped the driver in question:

“Mid-Ulster DST out and about on the roads today carried out a routine stop of this BMW.

Image source PSNI facebook
Image source PSNI Dungannon and South Tyrone

“Again they find another vehicle not insured to be on the roads and in an even more dangerous condition with two bald tyres – almost slick.

The driver was keen to get his car back home and took out insurance at the roadside but unfortunately it was still coming with us because it was a danger to other road users; the driver obviously thought he was driving a tractor too with a tank of red diesel.

The police noted that driver was subsequently reported for driving without insurance and two bald tyres, adding “he awaits his day in court”.

“He also has a release fee to pay and a chat with HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) which can also result in a hefty fine for evading duty,” the PSNI post concluded.