Dooley Bros Engineering Works has launched a range of cattle trailers with a fully hot-dip galvanised finish on the chassis and framework.

The range of models available stretches from 16ft (4.8m) long up to a maximum legal length of 34ft (10.36m). Dooley Bros says this development is basically an option on the already wide variation of trailers available in Dooley’s cattle trailer range.

It says the trailer on display at the Ploughing was received very well and confirms its beliefs that there were people prepared to pay extra for a trailer which would give increased resistance to the effects of slurry on steelwork. The trailer is built with the same strength as its painted trailer and is not lightened to save galvanising costs.

Dooleys highlight that in addition to the corrosion resistance the trailer will in general command a higher resale value in the years to come. The range consists of 16ft to 22ft single axle models, 18ft to 32ft tandem axle models and 32-34ft triaxle models.

It says a number of different axle, wheel and brake options are available and all trailers now being produced in our Kilkenny factory comply with the requirements of the 2016 regulations.