The Dorset Police rural crime team has recovered two stolen blue texel lambs in rural Bridport.

A vehicle suspected to have been used to carry out the theft of the texel lambs has been seized, and one male is “currently behind baaas”, the rural crime team said.

“Both lambs have been returned to their grateful owner, with new security measures in place to prevent any future thefts.”

The three-week old ram and two-week old ewe were stolen from a farm outside of Bridport between 9:00p.m on Monday, March 25, and 7:30a.m on Tuesday, March 26.

Sheep worrying

The Dorset Police rural crime team also recently dealt with an incident of a dog attack on sheep on farmland off of Sheepwash Lane between Broadwindsor and Pilsdon Pen.

One ewe was “severely injured” with bite marks on back end, legs and neck. It died shortly after it was found.

Other ewes were bitten with injuries to the front end where they are believed to be defending themselves from the dog.

These ewes are being treated, with Dorset Police rural crime team stating that the rest of the flock are “very stressed and have clearly been chased”.

“This is a vicious attack where the dog has been allowed to jump a secure livestock fencing and attack the flock,” the force said.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is asked to contact PCSO 7309 Mike Sinnick of Dorset Police rural crime team, quoting reference number 55240045173.