Cheffins has every reason to be pleased with its final collective vintage sale of 2022 which was held on Saturday, October 22 at the company’s site in Cambridgeshire.

There were over 2,000 lots on offer in the auction which achieved an 88% sale rate, grossing over £1.6 million, (€1.85 million) in doing so.

Keen prices for vintage models

The main attraction of the auction was the Bainbridge Collection of rare and early tractors which saw some respectable figures being paid for these early models.

Alldays and onions tractor vintage

The 1918 Alldays & Onions ‘General Purpose’ tractor achieved £47,168 (€54,660). Similarly, a 1916 Bates Steel Mule Model C sold for £34,304 (€39,750) whilst the 1919 Overtime Model N sold for £45,560 (€52,790).

Differing from many collections in that it focused on the early days of tractive power on the land, and so it offered some of the earliest and most desirable tractors from the pre-war period and attracted purchasers worldwide.

Back to the US

In addition to the above, a 1918 Illinois and a 1920s Wisconsin Model E, were both being sold to a US-based buyer with the intention of returning them to their homeland.

The Bainbridge Collection was offered alongside another 210 vintage and classic tractors, with this section grossing over £1 million in total.

This level of interest reflects a growing appreciation of the fundamental role of the tractor in ushering in the mechanisation of agriculture.

overtime waterloo boy vintage tractor cheffins
An Overtime tractor similar to the Model N sold at Cheffins

These early machines, once overlooked by enthusiasts, are now recognised as historical artefacts in their own right rather than simply desirable objects.

Although there is some debate as to who actually produced the first lightweight tractor powered by internal combustion, it is an unescapable fact that the concept really took off in the US where there was far more development activity in the formative years.

Little surprise then that these early American models are retuning back across the pond where they can take their rightful place in collections celebrating the great agricultural revolution of the last century.

Cars and bikes also in demand

The vehicle section was also keenly supported with a valuable 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom with Jack Barclay bodywork, selling for £50,920 (€59,100) to a Lincolnshire based collector.

Also available was a 1909 White Model-00 steam car which sold for £27,408 (€31,760).

Cheffins rolls royce sale
A body by the much respected Jack Barclay coachbuilder on a Rolls Royce chassis made €59,100

In addition to the cars, there were over 30 motorcycles on offer, with a Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica achieving £13,152 (€15,240) and an Aermacchi Ala D’oro selling for £7,672 (€8,890).