Farmer to fly-tippers: ‘I’m going to bring a load of buffalo dung and tip it in your shop’

Well-known buffalo farmer and butcher Steven Mitchell, best known for his business ‘The Buffalo Farm’, has taken to social media to call out and threaten illegal fly-tippers with a load of buffalo dung following the latest discovery of illegal dumping at his farm.

The Scottish farmer and businessman took to Facebook to voice his ire at the latest dumping on the rural roadway at his farm in Auchtertool, near Fife.

Speaking in the Facebook Live video, Mitchell said: “I’m really peeved off again this morning; on my way up to a meeting and look who’s visited us again. It’s the second week in a row.

“It’s just so, so frustrating that someone thinks this is acceptable; totally ridiculous. It’s a fellow businessperson quite clearly. We’re going to go through it and hopefully find an address this time.

“We didn’t last time but a message to these people: We will catch you.

“I’m not going to bother with the police; I’m not going to bother with the council – I’m going to bring a load of buffalo dung and tip it in your shop. I’m raging. It’s just so unnecessary.”

The water buffalo farmer also took the time to thank Fife Council for assisting with the previous dumping incident noting that it offered a lot of support.

“There’s a wee surprise for the people who’ve done this coming; unfortunately I wasn’t just quite here in time to catch you last night but I will catch you the next time.

I will promise to keep my threat that there is a tractor and trailer coming to tip a load of dung at your shopfront.

“I don’t care what the consequences are because you clearly have no respect for other people in the community; the countryside; wildlife, it’s just so disrespectful [and] totally unnecessary.

“You can recycle 90% of what’s in this, it’s just sheer laziness. I will name and shame your shop.

“If this is your rubbish, be really ashamed of yourself,” Mitchell concluded.