has released a guide aimed at farmers affected by back pain. Their easy to follow guide provides over 20 simple strengthening exercises designed by experts to alleviate and prevent back pain while (1) driving the tractor, (2) working in the shed, (3) out in the field and (4) in front of the TV at home. have launched this guide with exercises designed in conjunction with Chartered Physiotherapist and & Certified Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist Declan Monaghan. Declan has seen first hand the implications that lack of exercise and improper physical movement cause among farmers.

Born of Brian Hemeryck’s own frustration at seeing his father in poor physical condition from farming, the guide has been tried and tested on local farmers with great results. “My father would often suffer from lower back pain after long days at harvest or planting season. He would go to the physio and do the prescribed exercises, but never kept them up due to a lack of time. Now he does some simple exercises throughout the course of his day on the farm, and feels better than ever.” says Brian.

Launched this week, the guide can be downloaded instantly on readers can get 10% off by entering AGRILAND14 at the checkout.