The Farmers’ Union of Wales has appointed Ann Beynon as the chair of its insurance services board (FUWIS).

Beynon is the first female chair of the FUWIS board and has been a non-executive director of it since 2016.

Ann Beynon

During her period as director, she was also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and was chair of the Remuneration Committee.

Beynon will take over the position from Tom Jones, who served on the FUWIS board as its chair for nine years.

Speaking on her appointment to the position, Beynon said: “I’m proud to take over from Tom who has been such a force for good and has led us in a measured, wise and proportionate manner.

“I sincerely thank Tom for his leadership over the last 9 years and everything he has done for the business.”

Beynon said she was confident about the future of the business, stating that it has shown itself to be “robust and able to deal with changes in the market”.

“It’s a business that continues to evolve and it is very sensitive to the needs and requirements of the agricultural industry, whilst being able to provide services far beyond that core market,” she said.

“We need to grow even further within our core market whilst also looking for growth within the wider economy of rural Wales.

“We are confident that we’re able to do just that. We want to be seen as the rural insurer of choice here in Wales whilst also building on the growth that the business has enjoyed outside of Wales over recent years.”