Earlier this week, Agriland published an article on the lack of workers in the contracting business, with emigration, J1s and a lack of interest cited at the problems facing the sector - and the story has provoked a big reaction.

Many responses to the story are frustrated farmers who have said that J1s and emigration aren't to blame, that it's the pay workers are receiving that is the most contentious issue.

Ger Connor commented on Facebook "€13/14 and hour??? Find me a contractor that pays that money and I'd work round the clock".

mick gaffey

Another comment on Facebook, from Jordan Mullins, read; "if the contractors may pay their drivers there would be no bother getting drivers! And good ones at that!"

"Contractors have lost out big time on experienced drivers over not paying them, and abusing them over the long season!" he said.


One Facebook user said that granted there are steering wheel monkeys out there but there are plenty of capable lads being offered much less than what they should be.

"Is it any wonder younger lads are leaving when the pay is much better?"

Mick Gaffey said on the social media website that most contractors want lads to work from 6am until 12am for €90 and said it was slave labour.

mick gaffey2

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