While the weather was good at the 2014 National Ploughing Championships, the Irish weather is known to be changeable with four seasons often occurring in the one day.

For this reason it’s important to dress with the weather in mind for the event; no one wants to get drenched early in the morning and be cold and wet for the rest of the day!

A pair of wellies are an absolute essential at the ploughing. If it rains they’ll keep your feet dry and warm throughout the day. At the very least hiking boots will suffice and are more comfortable than wearing wellies for a full day of walking.

Should there be rain clouds over the three-day event it’s a good idea to bring a plastic bag in your car, so that you can put the wellies or wet footwear into it when you get back to your car.

Bring some sort of raincoat or jacket to the ploughing. Irish people often say that if you don’t bring it with you, it will rain and if you do bring it with you, you won’t need it.

So pack the raincoat for the raincoat, you’re better off having it with you incase it rains. Depending on the weather forecast you may also want to bring a cap or hat to the ploughing.

Wear layers of warm clothes and a rain mac and pack a spare pair of socks. If the weather is promised to bucket rain then you won’t be wearing a pair of shorts or a pair of cut-off denim shorts so dress sensibly.

And the other necessity is a bag – to carry some dry socks, the rain coat and of course to carry all the bits and bobs you’ll pick up during the day.