Hi-Spec Engineering has added the option of weigh cells and an application rate monitoring system for its Xcel 1250 manure (muck) spreader.

The company says that this will “enable users to follow best practice and advice when spreading solid manure”.

Unlike other rear-discharge spreaders, the Xcel 1250 is unique in that it uses a rotary chain and flail system (instead of vertical or horizontal rotary beaters) to achieve a “good break up of material”, which is then spread using a pair of spinning discs. The spreader has a ‘solids’ capacity of 12t, with a loading height of 2.5m.

The Xcel 1250 can now be fitted with the ISOBUS-compatible RDS iSOCAN Apollo spreader control system. This, says the company, ensures that “an accurate application rate can be set and maintained”.

The required application rate is set using the iSOCAN Apollo colour touch-screen terminal; this also allows work records to be stored, recalled and exported.

Hi-Spec Hi Spec Excel 1250

Image source: Shane Casey

Weigh cells in the spreader ensure that the weight of manure (in the spreader) is constantly monitored and the speed of the chains is also monitored and adjusted – to ensure that the correct application rate is maintained, irrespective of forward speed.

The Apollo system is also compatible with third party precision farming systems, to enable variable-rate application. There is also the option of headland control, which can automatically start and stop the spreader at the headland.

For those who just require a simple weighing system to monitor total application rates, Hi-Spec also offers the Digi-Star GT400 weighing system.

The weight indicator allows the user to monitor each load and to maintain a running total, so that the total for each field can be recorded.

Other updates for the Xcel 1250 include the option of a sprung drawbar for improved operator comfort.