Close to 500 New Zealand farmers have been urged by genetics company CRV Ambreed to claim their bull semen stock, before it is destroyed.

The genetics company is in possession of hundreds of bovine semen straws, which are being held on behalf of its customers.

CRV Ambreed was unable to get in contact or locate some of these farmers.

It recently published a list of the owners, a total of 497, who must claim their stock before the end of March.

If the stock is not claimed before this date, it is set to be destroyed, according to the genetics company.

It is believed that most farmers on the list have forgotten about their stock, with the majority owning just a few straws of bull semen.

The estimated value of the bull semen is expected to be quite low, due to the age of the stock.

It has been reported that some stock could have been in storage for more than 10 years.

The company has been urging the owners on the list to get in contact.

Customers claiming stock must provide suitable identification, while storage charges will apply to any stock that the customer wishes to retain at CRV Ambreed’s storage facility.

CRV Ambreed provides a range breeding and herd management services to New Zealand farmers.

It also sells a wide range of DIY Artificial Insemination equipment, tags and heat detection systems.

Meanwhile, CRV Global claims to be one of the largest herd improvement companies in the world.

It has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the US, Czech Republic and Spain.

CRV, which currently employs about 2,000 people worldwide, also exports semen to about 50 other countries.