JCB wheels out a ‘utility’ package for its Fastrac

Optional features for JCB Fastrac 4000 Series tractors that enable farmers and contractors to equip their machines for non-agricultural applications will be highlighted at January’s LAMMA show for the first time.

They will be shown alongside farm-spec versions of the 175-235hp 4000 Series and 306-348hp 8000 Series machines.

A Fastrac 4220 equipped with these ‘utility’ features will showcase the tractor’s suitability for operating rear-mounted, front-mounted and deck-mounted equipment – individually or in combination for applications such as snow clearance, salt spreading and roadside vegetation control.

The features include: a DIN-standard mounting frame for snow ploughs, snow blowers and powered sweepers; a stability control system to keep the tractor level when operating heavy, long-reach vegetation mowers; and a purpose-built rear-deck frame for quick mounting and de-mounting of specialist spraying equipment and salt spreaders.

Contractors, utility companies and airports

John Smith, managing director of JCB Agriculture, explained: “A number of contractors, utility companies and airports in the UK and overseas already operate our tractors, but we see the Fastrac’s ‘utility’ options providing opportunities for farmers and contractors to diversify into municipal, highways and commercial markets – for winter and summer work.

With their stepless transmission, excellent manoeuvrability from four-wheel steering, and up to 60kph road speed with all-round suspension and anti-lock braking, the Fastrac 4000 Series tractors make an ideal platform for a range of industrial and highway maintenance applications.

In addition to these highway maintenance adaptations, the choice of towing hitches available, a chassis pre-drilled for loader brackets and the optional agricultural deck frame equip the Fastrac for a range of other non-farming applications, such as haulage, materials handling, forestry and utility crane work.