Johnson takes landslide victory as Conservatives secure majority

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has secured a comfortable majority in the House of Commons following a landslide victory in the UK general election 2019.

With 649 out of 650 seats filled so far, Johnson’s “Get Brexit done” slogan appears to have worked among the British voters, with the Conservative party claiming some 364 seats so far – comfortably above the 326 seats needed for a majority in parliament.

With a 43.6% share of the overall vote, the Conservatives took 46 more seats this time round.

The Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, was dealt a crushing defeat in yesterday’s vote, securing only 203 seats – a loss of some 59 MPs since the last election in 2017.

The Scottish National Party made handsome gains, securing 48 seats so far, with the Liberal Democrats managing just 11 seats – while party leader Jo Swinson lost her seat in the contest.

Commenting earlier today, Johnson highlighted that the vote was the biggest Conservative majority since the 1980s, adding:

“With this mandate and this majority we will at last be able to [get Brexit done].

This election means that getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.

“With this election I think we’ve put an end to all those miserable threats of a second referendum,” the prime minister added.

EU response

President of the European Council Charles Michel took to social media this morning to congratulate Johnson on his party’s victory, stating:

“I would like to congratulate Boris Johnson on his victory.

We expect a vote on the withdrawal agreement as soon as possible.

“The EU is ready for the next phase. We will negotiate a future trade deal which ensures a true level playing field,” Michel added.