Forage advice will be one of the key areas at next week’s Livestock Event in the UK.

The ‘forage field’ demonstrations will offer visitors professional technical advice and information on how to successfully make more from forage and in turn, reduce costs and maximise profitability. Organised by the British Grassland Society and RABDF Events, forage field will feature seven work stations:

• Soil heath – fit for purpose? British Grassland Society discussing compacted v healthy soils

• Reseed or overseed? Germinal Seeds demonstrating with grass variety micro plots

• Weeds out, grass in, Dow AgroSciences featuring weed species

• More from grazed grass, DairyCo demonstrating plate metreing on micro plots

• More from clamp silage, Lallemand featuring preserved grass and forages and a video of best practice

• More from baled silage, Volac demonstrating with a wrapper

• Quality forage drives profit in all systems, DairyCo providing information on the benefits of more milk from grazed grass and forage

Farmers will also be able to listen to farmers and vets discuss how they have proactively addressed some of the most common and challenging health issues found on beef and dairy units. Each seminar will be led by a farmer with his respective vet explaining how they have collaborated in solving various challenges. Topics such as ketosis in transition cows, cow flow and housing design, mastitis and youngstock management will be covered.