With a working width of up to 10m (33ft) the Krone Swadro 1000 is the largest 2-rotor rake available. Specifically designed for large contractor applications and suited to raking four 10ft swaths.  Krone claim its output can match some 4-rotor rakes but at a fraction of the cost.

 Each rotor has 15 tine arms, each of which can be removed quickly and easily in the field. “This is something users love about Krone Swadro rakes; you can replace an arm in just a few minutes, no problem.  The patented DuraMax cam-track is absolutely maintenance-free and trouble-free with a 3 year guarantee” says Farmhand area sales manager, Cormac Megaw.

Like the other Krone Swadro rakes 800 & 900, the 1000 comes with electric rotor height adjustment as standard.

The Swadro lists at €36,550 ex VAT.

Picture courtesy of Krone