Krone ZX Wagon – possibly the most powerful wagon on the planet

The new Krone ZX looks set to have the largest intake of any wagon ever produced.

This is down to the 400HP-rated drive line which incorporates a high-speed power band and unique speed reduction gearbox inside the chopping rotor which is powered by a 6 groove poly V belt and planetary gears.

This driveline concept caters for the enormous horsepower that is available today.

The variable speed hydraulic drive camless pickup has huge intake capacity and is totally maintenance free.

From the tractor seat the driver can adjust the pickup speed to match crop condition.

ZXpickup (2)

The front headboard pivots which increases load capacity and helps to empty the wagon faster. The tandem or tri axles are fitted with a hydraulic auto-levelling system and a speed blade sharpener is available as an optional extra.

Sales Director for Farmhand, David Borland says the Krone wagon is revolutionary.

“We will have the 470 GL tri axle version at Grass and Muck. The performance of this machine is going to blow people away. We have sold a good number of these silage wagons already and expect it to be a good seller next season,” he said.

Krone ZX Key features

  • Hydraulic hinged front flap
  • Camless EasyFlow pick-up
  • Massive cut-and-feed rotor with wide Hardox plated tines
  • Central knife selection system activates 0, 23, 46 knives
  • Steel floor slopes to the front
  • Split chain-and-slat floor with flat link chains
  • Discharge roller overload protection through main driveshaft
  • EBS electronic braking option