Kuhn has increased its range of diet feeders capable of feeding to either side with a further four models. Known as the the Euromix 3 CL series, they have hopper capacities of 28, 33, 39 and 45 cubic metres. Each are equipped with three vertical augers, which, along with the polygonal shape of the hopper interior, are designed to achieve rapid break-up of whole bales, according to Kuhn. Power requirement is 120-180hp, depending on the model.

Self cleaning teeth

The augers are of a continuous spiral design and are fitted with seven knives and asymmetrically mounted teeth that provide a self-cleaning effect. The auger knives work against two counter knives for faster chopping and optimum mixing.

Delivering the mixed feed to the feeding barrier is done through a large clearance hatch to the right or left of the machine.

A front mounted cross-conveyor powered by two hydraulic motors, one at each end, then deposits the mix on to the passage floor or trough.
Euromix 3 CL diet feeder
To ensure a quiet and efficient feed out, the belt is made of PVC which the company says also provides easy maintenance. Rear discharge to either side of the machine is also an option. An anti-overflow ring comes as standard on all these models. This item effectively increases the height of the hopper to help prevent the spillage of coarse and fibrous fodder during the chopping phases.

Programmable weighing with Kuhn

Also as standard, the Euromix 3 CL models have programmable weighing. This enables the setting of mixing times as well as the storage of ingredients and rations in the system memory. By doing so, the accuracy and consistency of the mixed feed is enhanced. There is also the option of Kuhn's Intellimix advanced mixer control system on all models.
Kuhn mixer wagon
It works via a continuously variable transmission that is integrated into the tractor controls through ISOBUS. Its effect is to reduce the start-up torque by up to 50%. It will also automatically alter the auger speed in response to loading, therefore helping to optimise the use of tractor power throughout the mixing and feeding process. Also automated is switch triggering change from auto-mix and auto-feed modes, based on the position of the doors. The auger speed may be pre-set in relation to varying conditions in the hopper, meaning operator intervention is not required.