Kverneland appoints new dealer…in the south-east

Kverneland Group Ireland has appointed a new dealer in the south-east of the country.

West Waterford Agri Sales – based in Tallow, Co. Waterford, and headed up by Sean Byrne and John Keane – will (as its trading name suggests) cover the west Waterford area.

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The dealership will be responsible for sales and service activities for all franchises that form part of the Kverneland Ireland Group portfolio, including Kverneland, Vicon, McConnel and Siloking.

Siloking eTruck

Interestingly, Siloking launched an all-electric, self-propelled diet feeder (pictured below) back in 2017.

Because it’s electric, the so-called Siloking eTruck (TruckLine) needs no diesel. Available hopper capacities stretch from 8m³ to 14m³.

The machine is designed to access low buildings; hence the low-slung position of the cab. It’s also able to enter narrow sheds and passage-ways, thanks to its modest overall width.

The company claims that it can feed up to 100 cows on a single battery charge. The on-board battery is an 80V (DC) unit (rated at 465Ah or 620Ah, depending on the model).

It takes approximately 11 hours to charge the battery from empty, but that’s when using a CEE 16A/400V supply.

There are two infinitely-variable speed ranges (controlled via a driving pedal).

There is one discharge door – positioned at the rear left of the machine. Like other tub (vertical auger) feeders, Siloking claims that this machine is well suited to chomping its way through round bales of silage.