Land Rover Defender owners in the UK have been urged to be vigilant following a series of thefts over the past three months.

This warning comes from Lincolnshire Police crime reduction tactical advisor, Sally Picker.

Over the past three months, Picker said eight Land Rover Defenders have been stolen in Lincolnshire, while there has also been 14 cases where thieves have stolen or attempted to steal parts from a Defender.

Picker also said that the thefts have occurred at both residential and farm addresses and owners need to be on their guard.

If you have one, please make sure it is secure in a garage and is fitted with an alarm and tracking device.

"In some cases, thieves have still been able to make off with the vehicle or parts from it, but taking these measures significantly increases your chances of preventing a theft," she said.

In January 2016, the last ever Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line, and since then there has been an increase in the level of thefts of the iconic vehicle in the UK.

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of Land Rover Defender thefts in the UK increased by 8%, figures from NFU Mutual, the Agricultural Vehicle Specialist show.

Advice For Securing Your Defender:

  • Fit a mechanical immobiliser such as a Thatcham approved steering or pedal lock.
  • Fit an alarm for added security and consider adding a tracking device.
  • Thieves will target component parts so consider marking them using a forensic marking solution or system.
  • Keep the vehicle in a lockable building or park in well-lit areas, which are overlooked.
  • Have the vehicle identification number etched on windows.
  • Consider fitting a hidden battery isolation or a fuel cut-off switch.
  • Take photographs of unusual features, modifications, damage or repairs which could aid identification if stolen.
  • Ensure any valuables are removed from the vehicle, including satnavs.