Lemken has reviewed its ploughs at the lighter end of its range and the latest Juwel model fills in the gap at its base.

The company has just launched the Juwel 6 which is presented as the little brother of the Juwel 7, 8 and 10 mounted reversible ploughs.

New Juwel for 2023

From next year, this model, which is said to have a particularly low-draught, will replace the EurOpal and VariOpal 5 and 6 ranges.

These ploughs have been a mainstay of the Lemken range for 25 years and are considered to produce a good result with excellent durability, the company tells us.

The new Juwel 6 has a 110mm frame box section and an underframe clearance of 80cm. It is available in versions with three to five furrows. The M version offers four different working widths per body which can be adjusted mechanically.

Opal plough lemken
The EurOpal range of ploughs is superseded by the new Juwel 6 series

The Juwel 6 M V features an infinitely variable hydraulic working width adjustment and hydraulic frame swivelling is available as an optional extra.

When combined with the iQblue Connect electronics kit, the implement can be easily transformed into a smart plough with ISOBUS control and connected to your farm management system.

Hardened steel

The standard models are fitted with the traditional Dural bodies which are made from a specially hardened steel. DuraMaxx bodies are also available which are claimed to be more durable still.

Mechanical non-stop overload protection is also available and it is recommended for stony soils. As with all Lemken mounted reversible ploughs, the Optiquick adjustment system for side draught-free work is fitted as standard.

Road transport option

All Lemken mounted ploughs are equipped with a new pendulum wheel, the height of which can be adjusted without tools via a series of holes.

Lemken plough wheel
All Juwel mounted ploughs come with a new pendulum wheel

For material protection and greater working comfort, hydraulic suspension is also fitted to the depth wheel. A simple conversion kit is available if you want to upgrade to a uni-wheel for road transport.

The Juwel 6 is suitable for tractors from 70-130hp and will be available from Lemken appointed agricultural machinery dealers from March 2023.