The Thulit is the first weed harrow from Lemken. It has been specifically developed to operate on uneven ground.

The new design, which was outlined on a recent event in France attended by Agriland, comprises four beams and eight rows of harrow tines.

Complex spring combinations are replaced by a hydraulic tine pressure adjustment, which ensures that the tines deliver more even pressure across the full working surface.

The pressure can be continuously adjusted to up to 5kg while driving. As a result, the Thulit is said to do an “outstanding” job during the sensitive crop growth stages.

The tines are arranged with a line spacing of 31.25mm to ensure blockage-free work. Stable, true-to-track and wear-free tine bearings also aim to ensure optimum weed removal.

A straightforward quick-change system makes it easy to replace the harrow tines, according to Lemken.

The Thulit features precise and continuous ground contour following with consistent tine pressure, making it a highly versatile implement, even on very uneven ground and in ridge crops.

Rubin 10

Meanwhile, Lemken also launched its 10m width version of the Rubin 10 – 10m harrow. It was also launched at the recent Innov-agri farm machinery event in France.

Given the scale of the new machine, it will be of specific interest to larger tillage operations in places like eastern Europe plus North and South America.

The new Rubin 10, 10m harrow from Lemken. It was put through its paces at last week’s Innov-agri event in France

Like other Rubin 10 models, the new harrow features a symmetrical disc arrangement for fuel-efficient operation without side draft.

This new harrow can be hitched via a ball coupling or drawbar eye and hydraulic support is available to make attachment and detachment easier.

The two rows of serrated concave discs reportedly allow thorough incorporation across the full surface width from a soil depth of just 7cm.

The 14cm line spacing ensures blockage-free work even with large volumes of organic matter.

Each concave disc of the new Rubin 10 is equipped with an overload protection with damped kickback, which reduces loads on the frame.

Significantly, the new Rubin 10 has EU-wide road approval for speeds of up to 40km/h.

The machine is folded in from the cab, with the roller’s folding system ensuring that the width is reduced to 3m and the height to 4m, again to meet the requirements for road transport throughout the EU.

The new Rubin 10 also features a pendulum type suspension. The hydraulic depth adjustment facility on the new machine means that working depths can be adjusted in-cab while it is operating.