Machines are preparing to motor at a charity tractor run which will take place next weekend in the village of Bessbrook, Co. Armagh. Bessbrook District Vintage Tractor Club is seeking to support local charities through its "July Tractor Road Run". The event will take place next Saturday, July 17, at 12:00p.m, the vintage club said.

The run will kick-off at Safe Fuels Camlough with all proceeds in aid of Southern Area Hospice and Cancer Fund for Children.

In a statement ahead of the event, the Southern Area Hospice Services said: "There will hopefully be a great turnout of tractors for their first day back and the club has encouraged all to come out and support these two local charities." Providing some information about the club itself, it was noted: "The group are a great bunch who meet once a month through their common shared interest in Vintage Tractors and raise money for charity in the process.
Both Southern Area Hospice and Cancer Fund for Children wish to thank the club for their support and congratulate them on their efforts.
For those interested, further information about the run can be found on the club's Facebook page here.