Mastek, based in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, showcased its latest Mega Reeler at last week’s LAMMA show.

It can hold up to 2400m of 5” lay-flat hose (with Stortz couplings).

Key features of the rig include curved doom ends, hydraulic brakes, twin hydraulic motors and a hydraulic sliding (offset) drawbar, which is buffered above and below by nylon wear pads.

Empty, the Mega Reeler weighs 3.48t. Loaded up it tips the scales at 6.74t.

The Mega Reeler forms the basis a high-capacity umbilical spreading system.

The Mega Reeler is part of a high-capacity umbilical system.

Given the scale of these machines, it not surprising that most are destined for export markets. The company has said that several are already working as far away as Russia.

Popular Irish slurry equipment

Mastek’s main markets are Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. The company has carved out a significant following for its umbilical slurry spreading systems in particular. Bauer pumps are at the heart of these systems.

The Universal (tanker-mounted) Dribble Bar (UDB) continues to be one the company’s biggest selling products. The most popular version is 7.5m wide.

The patented design allows the UDB to be retrofitted onto most slurry tankers without welding or fabricating.

Paul Quinn, from Mastek, said that you simply remove the existing inspection plate and bolt it on.

“The UDB can also be supplied with an attachment, to be used with an umbilical system. Like all of our slurry equipment, it is 100% galvanized.”

The unit is equipped with spring-loaded, hinged arms, to protect from damage if an obstacle is hit in the field.

According to Quinn, 60 Universal Dribble Bars (UDBs) were sold in Ireland last year.

“Enquiries are strong at the moment. This will continue to be a big seller for us this year. It’s well established now. One tanker manufacturer (Major) already the UDB as a factory-fit option.”

The 7.5m-wide versions folds down to a transport width of just 2.5m. With a total of 28 outlets, it weighs 425kg. It costs €10,500 excluding VAT.