The UK Met Office has issued Status Yellow thunderstorm and wind warnings for parts of the country tomorrow (Friday, August 18).

The thunderstorm warning will impact the southeast of the country and into the midlands, as well as east Wales.

This warning comes into effect at 6:00a.m tomorrow morning and will remain in place until 12:00p.m.

The Met Office said the thunderstorm could cause some localised disruption during Friday morning.

The Status Yellow wind warning will effect the northern and western coastal areas of Wales and will come into force at midnight tonight and last until 6:00p.m tomorrow.

The Met Office said a period of strong easterly winds is expected which will be sufficient to cause some impacts to travel and tourism.

The national weather forecaster warned that the country will experience heavy rain as active weather fronts move from the southwest to the northeast, clearing northern Scotland on Saturday afternoon (August 19).

Deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, Steven Keates, said Friday evening has the potential for “intense thunderstorms” to break out over parts of England.

These may bring a lot of rain in a short period of time, he said, along with a risk of hail and frequent lightning.

“At the same time heavy rain, initially arriving into the southwest, will fairly steadily move northeast, potentially bringing some substantial rainfall totals to parts of Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland in particular,” he said.