The new 3m Fella SM 3065 Trans KC, trailed mower conditioner is a clean sheet design that introduces a range of features including a centre-pivot drawbar, a heavy duty transport chassis frame as well as Fella’s exclusive driveGuard protection.

“A central-pivoting drawbar provides the huge advantage of being able to operate to the left and right, like a reversible plough,” says David Blackwood, Fella’s Export Area Manager. “This brings a number of benefits – for a start you don’t have to work in lands. This increases field efficiency because there is no time wasted driving to the next bout and it reduces the amount of short-work. It also cuts headland compaction because the ground is only driven over once.”

Prototypes of the Fella SM 3065 T have been on test for the past three years and have worked in heavy grass crops in the UK, Sweden and New Zealand. “Actually we had a prototype, disguised as a current machine, at work at last year’s Welsh grassland event and it was one of few mowers that was able to cope in the atrocious conditions and continue to cut all day,” adds Mr Blackwood.