John Deere fans can expect a number of new additions to their tractor ranges in 2014. It has announced a number of new new tractors and upgrades throughout all their various tractor power ranges.

New additions next year includes:

5E 3 and 4-cylinder Series

John Deere have christened this addition the little giant with the big cab. 5E 3-cylinder According to them toughness, reliability, outstanding performance and low operating costs are key features. It says it’s not just the new attractive and spacious cab that makes the new John Deere 3-cylinder 5E Series tractor such a tempting choice for farmers.

The tractor has a powerful and economical 2.9-litre, 3-cylinder, PowerTech M engine with turbocharger.New 12/12 PowrReverser transmission for faster headland turns and quick maneuver in and tight turning circle (3.6 m), low cab height (2.43 m).

The 5E 4-cyl Series is a versatile tractor for the yard, a flexible front loader, a powerful workhorse for the field, a nimble vehicle for quick transport runs, a compact utility tractor claims John Deere. They say the new multi-talented 5E tractor gives you complete flexibility, versatility and efficiency. The tractor comes equipped with a powerful 4.5-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged PowerTech E engine and 12 forward and 12 reverse gears and 35 km/h or with 24 forward and 12 reverse gears and 40 km/h

The 5G Series.

John Derre are saying its new 5G Series. Is suitable for plowing, sowing and mowing to baling and transport. It claims you always have the power and reliability you need to get the job done. John Deere cite with its compactdimensions and plentiful power, the new 5G is as much at home in the field as it is in the barn, or taking care of a wide range of municipal tasks


The new 5M Series offers a wide range of choices combined with special family traits common to them all. Choose between the extra-large comfort cab or open station. Or the comfortable 5ML with low-profile cab for work in low stables or barns. And vegetable growers will find the narrow 5MN particularly useful.70 l/min hydraulic implement pump capacity, ideal for demanding implements

Power of choice with many options, for example the perfectly matching John Deere front loaders offering maximum performance and durability.

6RC and 6MC Series

John Deere 6MC tractors are very capable and versatile machines. They can be specified with either 2WD or 4WD, and any of the three available PWX engines. The company says you will enjoy superb all-round visibility – even with a fitted front-loader – and if the access to some of your buildings is height-restricted, the Low Profile cab option is for you. 6MC tractors are GreenStar ready, with ISOBUS capabilities to enhance your productivity.

GreenStar/ISOBUS ready option for increased productivity with guidance or ISOBUS control
Higher lift capacity to handle heavier implements for higher productivity
Fuel efficient and powerful PowerTech PWX – Diesel only engines

The 6RC series tractors have 4WD, and can be equipped with AutoQuad Plus 40K, AutoQuad Plus ECO 40K or PowrQuad Plus 40K transmissions for automatic clutch-less shifting. Optional Triple Link Suspension (TLS) for the front axle makes the going more comfortable and more productive. There’s also the enhanced precision of John Deere Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC).

7R Series

According to John Deere the 7R Series has more power and new standard features and options to deliver maximum return on your investment and reduce the cost of operation. Whether you need to get your crop in on time, plough in difficult conditions or pull heavy equipment over long distances, you’ll find everything you need to grow your bottom line.

Features include new stage IV 7310R high hp model for even higher performance and efficiency (Limited availability for 2014),Command View III Cab with redesigned Command ARM, new e23 transmission offering full auto, manual and custom modes for optimum performance and efficiency in every application.

8R Series

John Deere are claiming that its new 8R Series with increased horsepower and enhanced comfort drive maximum value from every hour in the field. The 8R series comes with a more powerful Stage IV compliant engine, E23 transmission, and new hydraulic and flexible ballasting options. John Deere says the 8R Series gives best-in-class performance at lowest operational costs. The redesigned CommandArm controls, integrated display, cab suspension and improved seat swivel and seat options give the best operator experience and comfort yet.