The new TH 11008 Trans tedder from Fella is the newest model in its ‘transport’ range, which it will be showing at the February FTMTA Machinery Show in Punchestown.

The 10.2m working width machine, which is equipped with eight rotors, each fitted with six arms, is designed specifically to combine in-field performance with ease of transport.

The eight rotors provide a full overlap, helping to mix and aerate the material, while mounting the tines on flat, spring steel arms allows them to flex and also adapt to the terrain to further reduce contamination to the sward.

Like the larger, TH 13010 Trans model, the new machine is mounted on a new, ‘fast’ chassis, which is rated for use at speeds of up to 50km/hr.

The highly manoeuvrable tedder has an overall transport length of just 5.7m and a compact transport width of less than 3.00m.

This is achieved using Fella’s double folding system that allows both sides of the tedder fold in half and then half again, before lying lengthways along the chassis for transport.

This folding arrangement along the chassis provides the extra advantage of reducing the drawbars loads, allowing smaller lighter tractors to be used for tedding, which helps reduce operating costs.

In work a ‘headland’ function on the new ‘fast’ chassis, maintains the rotors in the horizontal position, while keeping them completely clear of the crop during the turn. This prevents overworking on the ends and helps improve field work, by also making it much easier to reverse into corners and negotiate other obstacles.