A second allied industry nomination has been submitted ahead of the new year National Pig Association (NPA) Pig Industry Group (PIG) elections.

Gemma Thwaites of the Garth Pig Practice is currently the veterinary representative on PIG and is a past president of the Pig Veterinary Society (PVS).

Gemma Thwaites. Source: NPA

Submitting her nomination, she said: “I would like to stand again for the veterinary representative on the PIG. Health and welfare remain at the forefront of the priorities for the sector.

“In with my day-to-day on-farm experience at Garth Pig Practice, coupled with my active involvement with PVS (presidential term and welfare officer), I feel strongly I am in a position to provide input on both a direct farm level, and on the sector as a whole.  

“The NPA provides such valuable support to producers, and I would relish the opportunity to remain in a position to continue to assist with this.”

Thwaites is the fourth candidate overall to put their name forward, after A-One’s Peter Bryant in the allied vote and producers, Joe Dewhirst and Helen Bryant from Pilgrim’s. 

PIG elections

The deadline for nominations to the PIG is January 8, 2024. The NPA is seeking candidates for eight producer and four allied member seats.

Producers will be elected on the basis of the most votes received, rather than on a regional basis.

The NPA said efforts will be made to ensure a balance between indoor and outdoor production and independent and corporate producers.

NPA chair Rob Mutimer said: “The PIG is a brilliant mix of producers and the allied industry, and to make sure we move the industry forward, we need the best people to put their heads above the parapet for election.”

NPA vice-chair High Crabtree said: “Elections for the PIG are just round the corner. If you want to be in the thick of policy making for the industry – now’s your chance. We need the best to keep the NPA the best.”