The National Sheep Association (NSA) is inviting young sheep farmers to learn more about wool processing at a tour and discussion event next month.

The event, which takes place from October 17-18, is part of the NSA’s Next Generation programme. The programme, in partnership with British Wool, is offering up to 12 young people aged 18-35 the opportunity to go ‘behind the scenes’ at British Wool’s Bradford Headquarters.

Participants will view activities from the wool sorting and grading process, to the live auction of wool to bidders from across the globe.

The event will include a trip to the Haworth Scouring Plant where raw fleeces are transformed into fibres ready for manufacturing into goods.

NSA chief executive, Phil Stocker, said the event is an “exciting addition” to the Next Generation programme.

“The process undertaken to turn the fleece from the sheep’s back into one ready to be made into all manner of goods on an industrial scale is truly a fascinating thing to view,” he said.

“This is a trip that will suit those who really value the benefits wool has to offer and that are ready to engage in discussion on how the market for wool can be sustained and grown once again.”

Following the visit, overnight stay and a meal in Bradford, all sponsored by British Wool, the group attending will come together again for a ‘Symposium’; an opportunity to discuss their own thoughts on the future of wool with British Wool staff.

Gareth Jones, the head of Member Communication at British Wool, said: “British Wool looks forward to welcoming members of NSA Next Generation to Bradford to learn more about the work of British Wool and also on the wool process.

“The NSA Next Generation programme is key to the future of our industry.

“We’ve worked with many NSA groups in the recent years and feel it’s important to engage with the next generation of sheep farmers because as a member organisation, everything we do is about adding value to our members,” he said.

Those interested in applying to join the free trip can complete a short application form on the NSA Next Generation website.

Applications to join the group are open until 5:00p.m on Monday, October 3. The terms and conditions for the trip can also be found on the NSA website.