The National Sheep Association (NSA) Wales & Border Early Sale saw a top price of 1700 guineas for a Charollais ram, while a yearling Texel sold for 1600 guineas and a Suffolk for 850 guineas.

A total of 243 sheep were sold at the sale and turnover was up nearly £10,000 on last year at £151,322.85, with the top price 100 guineas up on last year. The 2021 total was £141,970, with 211 rams sold and the top price was 1600 guineas.

Buyers were again this year keen to bid on top-quality sheep.

NSA Wales & Border chairman Graham Jones was pleased with the day’s sale.

He said good sheep had sold well, although he had sensed a little apprehension over lamb prices having slipped slightly in recent weeks.

“As long as sheep had a good shape and a bit of power, they seemed to have been selling and, on the whole, it was a pretty good trade," he said.

"I think people have been selective and I fancy sheep haven’t been quite as forward as they might have been in other years – possibly the price of feed and the grass situation, which wouldn’t have helped.

“But good sheep were selling. The bottom end wasn’t there. Also, if we’re talking about early lambing, we’re talking about bigger, stronger ewes so we’re looking for bigger, stronger rams and the smaller ones don’t actually fit the bill.

“On the whole though most people are happy, and it was very satisfactory.”