Origin Fertilisers has become an ambassador for The Green Tractor Scheme, with the aim of supporting the farming industry to dispose of plastic waste in the most sustainable way.

Founded in 2020, The Green Tractor Scheme’s goal is to ensure all agricultural plastic waste is recycled by 2030.

The scheme provides best practice to farmers on the separation of plastic waste while also lobbying industry to remove “unnecessary” plastics from the supply chain.

So far, agri-businesses have joined the scheme at over 80 partner locations.

Origin Fertilisers said that it as already made “significant steps” to reduce the plastic content in its fertiliser bags by changing the makeup of its 600kg and 1,000kg bags to contain 30% recycled material.

Marketing manager for Origin Fertilisers, Mandy McAulay, said the scheme will help businesses take a more sustainable approach to waste.

“We are delighted to be part of The Green Tractor Scheme, which ties in with our core values of making agriculture more sustainable through innovative measures,” she said.

“We want to be a leader in making a positive change regarding plastic recycling and supporting farmers and the wider industry in doing the same.”

McAulay said the company is keen to show accountability to reduce its plastic use and wants to maximise nutrient use efficiency across its fertiliser range.

Origin Fertilisers said its ambassadorial role will help it build on its environmental values as it develops more products to meet the needs of “modern farming”.