Back in April it was announced by New Holland that it was to sell the Overum plough business to FairCap, a Munich-based investment company which already has interests in agriculture through ownership of S&P Federnwerk, a manufacturer of spring tines among other products.

As was suggested at the time of sale, Overum is once again to operate under its own name, producing implements in the well known blue livery as well as continue to supply ploughs and parts for sale by New Holland.

The company will now be known as Overum Industries AB and will continue to operate out of its Swedish factory and head office in Overum.

It is also planned that the Argolux brand of implements is reintroduced.

According to the latest company statement, Overum Industries and CNH are “committed to ensuring a soft transition and continuous support to all New Holland dealers” who will be able to order New Holland ploughs, granting brand continuity during the transition period.

Overum name returns

As yet, there is no indication as to whether Overum will be seeking to set up a new dealership network of its own or whether it will continue to provide New Holland dealers with Overum-branded ploughs as a separate company.

Tractor with plough in field
Overum has stated that it will continue to develop the plough to deliver greater efficiency and performance

However, it has been stated that after the transition period, the company will focus on manufacturing ploughs branded as Overum and Agrolux.

The company is planning to accelerate its investment in research and development, evolving its products to enhance their efficiency and sustainability.

The new CEO of the company will be Stefano Scalarandis who has a background in leading consulting companies and as a chief operating officer within a manufacturing business.

His vision for the company is that it will continue to manufacture quality ploughs while exploring further innovative products for the agricultural market.

Allan Hansson has been appointed as head of sales and marketing at Overum Industries AB. Allan has more than 25 years of experience in the plough market and was previously the product manager for the Plough Division at CNH Industrial.