It’s clear that this Paus-built machine (pictured above) is no ordinary articulated shovel. Closer inspection reveals a novel, turntable-mounted loader (boom).

According to the German manufacturer, this attribute makes the machine “outstandingly manoeuvrable in the tightest of spaces”.

The loader arm can pivot about – through 180°. Thanks to the ‘swivel’ function, Paus says that “complex steering manoeuvres are now a thing of the past”.

The Paus ‘swivel loader’ line-up consists of two models, with bucket volumes of 1.0 and 1.2m³. Standard features include: 100% differential locks in the front and rear axles; parallel kinematics; and a hydrostatic transmission.

Paus also manufactures ‘telescopic swivel loaders’. This video (below) shows one of these – a TSL-8.7 – in action.

The ‘swivel’ function is evidently being put to good use – doubling as a boom for a flail mower (hedge-cutter). The operator is also showing how the ability to rotate the boom can prove useful, when attempting to place items in a given location – without having to shunt the whole machine back-and-forth or side-to-side.

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Who or what is Paus?

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH – its full trading name – has been in business for several decades.

It was founded by Hermann Paus back in 1968. In the early days, the company focused on the assembly of construction equipment (wheel loaders and dumpers).

During subsequent years, it embarked on the development and production of mining and tunnelling vehicles, as well as telescopic elevators, working platforms and cranes.

Paus established a presence in Russia (from a facility in Moscow) in 2001 and in Chile (from a base in Santiago de Chile) two years later.

The brand is practically unknown here in Ireland.

Machines are exported from the company’s headquarters in Emsburen (Germany) to a growing tally of countries. Exports currently account for 70% of overall sales.